Scored two geocaches!


I had to get Brian away from the sink for one day. He needed some other pipework, but he is having trouble with the plumbing part. I wanted to go to a park where Brian use to take Sean fishing many moons ago. It’s so pretty there! We walked around a pond, went down to a lower level and through the woods, past runners and a couple smooching. : )  The ‘key’ to finding these seems to be reading over past logs. When the clue said look for a ‘beech’, well I knew I’d have to go to the one identified by the marker about 10 feet or so off the trail. There were old tree limbs leaning against the tree-very unnatural! I moved them and lo and behold, I found cache #3!

I think I’m getting the hang of finding the larger caches, though the second one was in a sandwich sized box, so the micros have to be easier to find soon…I hope!  This one hardly had anything in it and the log book was soggy! I had won some geocaching buttons from eBay and left one. It was suppose to be a music CD share, but there were none in there. This ones been around for 10.5 yrs!

We were very close to another cache in a cemetery. We pulled in and didn’t I get out to a fairly new grave next to me-dirt piled high and just a paper name tagged at the end. Luckily, you aren’t allowed to put caches right in the graved area, so we walked to the back of the cemetery where the hint said to go. There was a pile of old gravemarkers in one area and vault covers in another. We were thinking the spouse passed and they got a larger marker-maybe, right? So the clue was it was under a tree and a white stone. I sent Bri in to look….and he looked. I decided to come in the weeds and right in between some old markers was the next cache! Yay!

I was glad to get out of there. I saw later there was a micro in there-some other time, but I don’t think in the same area where we were.

We walked at least 2 miles at a the park There’s another one in there and we’ll go another day-it’s only 3 miles away. I still need to find the one in my other walking park. So glad we went as I like ponds, etc. and this is a nice place to walk. BTW, I used both my phone’s GPS and the Magellan-still getting the hang of the later one.

We later went out to dinner with Sean to Friendly’s. A lady next to use gave use a $5 off coupon! We went to Kirkland’s, like a Pier One kind of store, and I got a pretty ‘collage’ picture for the bathroom ($10-marked down from $25) and some jeweled shower curtain holders for $5. I got a shower curtain yesterday. I have a striped plastic one and got a solid Wedgewood blue. The jewels are green like the sink. I figure my accent colors will be sea glass green, blue and white.

We stopped off at Whole Food Market that just opened in April. It was nice, though pricey. I prefer Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market more. There was a ‘micro’ cache right near the store, but though we were in the right spot, it was dusky and the security guy decided to park near there. I should have read the log better as a guy said exactly what it was and where. At least we know now. ; )


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  1. It’s so much fun, isn’t it:-) As you keep finding caches, you’re going to get more and more used to finding them. Always keep an eye out for something that looks out of place or the way rocks/branches are placed unnaturally. I don’t even need to look at my gps in the last few meters, I just look around and can usually spot it right away:-) Yes, looking at past comments often help, especially if the co-ordinates are a bit off. I learned my lesson the hard way…I had been looking for this cache and couldn’t find it at all…then read the comments and saw that the last 6 people hadn’t been able to find it either so it was obviously missing! Could have saved myself the trip! lol I haven’t gone out caching since Sunday so hopefully will get a chance to do more of it this weekend. xoxo

  2. Hi, My name is Sam, and I love geocaching. I’m 14 and I star in a television series that travels around the world: we filmed in Singapore, Bali, and Berlin along with the US. I’ll check back every so often to see the great places you go… come check out my show sometime. Maybe you can help me create a geocaching adventure. See ya, Sam

  3. Wow Sam, that is awesome! I will check out your show. Please check out Miss Carole’s blog (Pea’s Corner) as the last few posts of hers have been all about the places she has seen and the types of containers she has found).

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