Slowly but surely


Brian found the floor tiles that were left from this job and installed them. He had to make a Lowes run for some wall adhesive for the tiles around the bottom. When the toilet paper holder was, our patch job is mainly hidden by the vanity. I put in two tan ones I had saved for the 6 missing above (where you can’t see). I’m waiting on the mosaic samples now. Brian cut the hole for that lovely drain pipe in the vanity last night. He ran into a snag getting the marble top screwed on, so called it a day a  little after 9:30. He’ll get that and the sink in place and work on the plumbing. It will look pretty. It’s tight in there, but can’t help that.

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  1. Any progress is good! lol No doubt he will be glad when it’s all over and done with. It’s great that you were able to find the leftover floor tiles. I’ve got a very small bathroom as well and I know it will be a real pain to remodel, being that there won’t be much room to move. Can’t wait to see your pictures once everything has been done!! xoxo

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