Unexpected renovation delay


So we were moving (actually Brian) right along and the toilet got installed on Thursday. Friday morning dawned and Bri said he was going to install the vanity and sink. The thing with him, it’s 2-3 in the afternoon before he gets started. I know, it’s being unemployed and he’s on a schedule like Sean and me-stay up late, get up late. Glad we have light until 8 pm. : )

So he turns off the water, unscrews the pipes and takes the vanity out-it’s much worse than we think-it was just crumbling from water damage-just not usable anymore.  So then we see the floor next to the wall. It’s in bad shape-there’s rotted wood there. Bri starts digging at it-ends up with about a 2 foot by 6″ hole. He spent many hours finding wood, making sure it fit well and was level. This will be covered up-we have to find similar linoleum tiles though-guess we’ll look for those tomorrow or the next day.

He did saw off the foam overflow. We have tiles to put up along the edge there-the dark brown ones. You can see the 52 yr old original floor and the newer one we put in which is like parquet.

This will be covered by the vanity and I think I’m going to redo the floor down the road too.

A few rows below the toothbrush and soap holders were 4 tiles with holes from the original pedestal sink. Brian carefully took them out. I ordered 3 sample tile sheets from Susan Jabalon tiles, the place I used when I did the kitchen. I figured one color or design will be the right one and I’ll save the rest for art projects. 3/4″ mosaics will fit perfectly without me cutting them- 5 x 5 = 25 a square. I just have to grout them in place and fix a few that came loose. I saw some river pebbles that they use for floors. I ‘may’ order a sample just to see how it feels. We have less than a 5′ x 5′ space to worry about-yes, our ‘main’ bathroom is small.

I was going to get a new medicine cabinet. Now I think I’ll tidy up the old one, maybe paint it. That should brighten it up.

I also planted more annuals and am weeding the pond garden. It’s been very hot and humid these last few days. Can’t stand that! I lasted an hour on Sunday and did indoor stuff.

Wish us well with getting that floor fixed and the vanity and sink in! Hope to show pretty photos next!

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  1. That does not look like fun! I hope it all comes together soon for you.

    I noticed a nasturtium just breaking through the soil in one of my containers. I am glad they like the hot weather. It was a bit over 90 here yesterday. It was hot and muggy. I was glad to be working in the air conditioning!

  2. Oh yes, don’t you just love these unexpected surprises when you’re remodeling? lol Hopefully Brian won’t find any more problems and can get the sink and vanity put in. My upstairs bathroom needs a complete overhaul and now that E is retiring in two days (ugh! lol), I’m hoping he’ll finally get it done. The bathtub, sink, vanity, toilet, tiles, flooring, etc all has to be redone.

    We’ve been having gorgeous weather over here although the last couple of days have been a bit too hot and muggy for me. Today it’s a cooler and rain is in the forecast. We really need it, everything is so dry. Last week I cleaned up my flowerbeds as well as the faerie garden so it’s looking much nicer now. The tulips are all done now but everything else is almost ready to be in bloom:-)

    It’s good to be back to blogging and visiting!! xoxo

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