Sorting and stuff


Wednesday night already! Wow! The week is going by quickly. Monday I was changing out my winter to summer clothes-a job I regret as I have so much of everything. Letting go of stuff is hard. I made myself try on long sleeved tees (I prefer 3/4 inch more) and many were shrunk up in the front. A certain brand ‘Basic*Editions’ from a Mart with K were all this way. I am happy to say I filled up a big bag for charity, but I still have too many summer tops. If I don’t wear them yet again this year, they aren’t going in storage, but in the charity bag.

I got out in the yard and took some photos too. The Clematis both have been outstanding this year

Near the pond

Sean gave me this lovely chair seat for Mother’s Day. Brian and Sean went to get it in Delaware last night at another Wally World. Brian assembled it for me today. They are really comfy and because you have a leg rest, they are like a lounger. The table is nice, but the textured glass is upside down and will be flipped.

We have a few huge boxes in our living room-one had a new toidy in it and the other has the new vanity in it. Brian and Sean will do the toilet tomorrow. I think 52.5 yrs is a long time and our old one can be disposed of now or used as a planter-lol! : )

I have a little more planting to do. I haven’t bought mulch yet, but there are a few areas that look better with it.

This is what’s going in soon! : )

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  1. What a nice mother’s day gift. You will get a lot of use out of that. I see you were lounging there reading. I bet it’s comfy for reading.

    Love the vanity!

  2. I got so much stuff. I started to go though and is boxed up and ready to leave my life….Your flowers are sure pretty I’ve always liked clematises but don’t have one yet…coffee is on.

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