Amazing Arboretum


Brian, mom and me went a few town over from her house to the Scott Arboretum which in on the campus of Swarthmore College. We’ve never been! The photos on the arboretum’s facebook wall enticed us to go and ‘free’ is good too. Well worth the little trip for us. There were dozens of lilacs, cherry trees and peonies blooming ‘three weeks early’ (as the lady in the main office told us). I will add more tomorrow as my tummy is a bit off tonight. I did a lot of walking a few days ago and I believe I’ve had a bug or something and shouldn’t ignore it and now my system is off. Ginger ale and gum sure helped.

Mom and me among the wood hyacinths

Mom took this one

Some of the most gorgeous peonies I’ve ever seen!

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  1. Those are some pretty peonies. What a nice place to visit. You are Brian are really getting out to discover the places near you. We love to do that, too.

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