Flower Girl ATCs


Flower Girt ATCs

I’ve been enjoying making ATCs for swap-bot.com as many of my Flickr art groups are no longer trading. I am doing a flower series, though I missed a few at the beginning of the swap. I just sent off ‘Iris’-2 different ones to 2 different people. The next one is Daffodils.
So I was thinking how girls have flower names and thought an ATC series was in order. I can think of a few more and will make them too. I have to make Iris again, since she was traded. I think they look cute. I realize I used ‘was’ instead of ‘is’ as these are ephemera and I’m looking as them as in the past.
I’m taking an antibiotic for the root canal I had on Friday. I had a bit of a sore throat yesterday morning, but am sneezing and blowing my nose a lot, so thinking the allergies are acting up. I wish we would get some good rain to clean up the air! I see where a sore throat may be from the antibiotic too.
I took my mom to the eye doctor on Tuesday as she was getting the shot in her good left eye and she said it took until the next day to clear up. We went to a diner and I had the best turkey BLT salad. I’m doing the MyFitnessPal again as I’m not happy with my weight and how I look and feel. Too much sugar! I hope to get walking more. I signed up at Walgreen’s to monitor my walking. It’s something I enjoy doing on a regular basis. Also took mom to Trader Joe’s. Love getting their goodies.

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