Weekend in Maryland


It was nice to get away with the birthday boy from Friday afternoon until Sunday. Just look at this lovely room. I have more photos to share and will do so. This was called ‘The Philadelphia Room’ (pretty funny-we can’t seem to not get something related to where we live). The ‘water closet’ is through those doors there.

Last August, a Livingsocial.com deal came in the email for the Elk Forge Bed and Breakfast in Elkton, MD. Though not far away, under 20 miles, I thought it would make a great birthday getaway for me. As you may have remembered, Brian was sick with pneumonia and I cancelled it the day we were suppose to check in. I had to use the deal  soon, so we went for his birthday this past Friday. Here is the birthday boy under the lovely Magnolia next to the inn. The warm weather was making it fall.
Brian under the Magnolia tree at the B&B
What a lovely place! The original is from the late 1700s and they added on, so they have 14 rooms now.
Front of Elk Forge B&B

Longshot of Elk Forge B&B
The ‘back’ of it is really pretty, we didn’t venture around to take a shot-this is from their website:

Our room was spacious and relaxing. Only two complaints-the big window behind the fireplace was back lit all night as there are steps right in that area. They need to camouflage that with something. The water was scalding hot and I did burn the toe I dipped in the tub!

Pretty mural in the dining room
Elk Forge B&B mural

Lovely conservatory
Lovely door and windows of Elk Forge Conservatory

Dove couple-they had a baby!
Sweet dove couple

Baby dove at the B&B

Sweet common area near our room
Desk and doll on 2nd floor common area

Down the hallway
Looking down the hall on 2nd floor

We left this on all night-it threw out heat too!
Electric fireplace across from the bed

It surely was the Philadelphia room!
Signing of Declaration of Independence plate in our room

Pretty front door
Front door long shot of Elk Forge B&B

Gnarly tree out back
Gnarly Tree in backyard of Elk Forge

Our trip to different Maryland towns tomorrow!

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