Whirlwind 3 days


If you see me on Faceback, you know we’ve been up in New York City as I do a blow by blow with my cellphone and FourSquare. I uploaded photos there, and here’s a sneak peak of what we did and saw.

Sean at the WTC/9-11 Memorial-South tower area

Museum of Modern Art in front of Christina’s World by local Andrew Wyeth. I had seen this at the Brandywine River Museum and we weren’t allowed to photograph it then and at it’s home here at MoMA, we could!

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  1. I hope you had a lovely time in New York City:-) It must have been quite an emotional moment being at Ground Zero, though. Great picture of Sean!! I haven’t been to an art museum in so long, I can’t even remember the last time. But then, I’m quite uneducated where paintings and artists are concerned, I wouldn’t even know who painted what! lol xoxo

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