Doing a little swapping

Swap-bot Sunflower ATC, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Since my regular swap groups on Flickr have slowed down, I went over to (link in side bar) and just did 3 swaps. You saw the Victorian ice skaters below. This new challenge was for 2 sunflower themed cards. I took my old flower guide book and copied the pages to ATC size and this is one of the ones I came up with. The border is a sticker.
I just signed up for a poppies ATC. I already got one of the sunflower ATCs all the way from the Netherlands for my swap (we don’t have the same people we send to). I’ll have to take a photo of it.
Brian’s dad had to be taken to a walk-in clinic yesterday as he was having leg issues and fell down twice outside. We almost beg him to carry a phone on him but he forgets most of the time. He was able to get himself up (this was Friday) and was in discomfort the entire night. The clinic did x-rays (one of their specialties is sports related injured). The doctor saw a shadow in his hip area, so Dad C. needs to get a MRI tomorrow. They didn’t give him any pain medication and sent him home.
Last night I got a call from my step cousin that her mom (my late Uncle Don’s wife) had passed away at age 96-I think exactly two months since her birthday. She wasn’t that crazy about my family, it was all about her three daughters and their families. And she didn’t like my grandmom as mom-mom and Uncle Don were very close (only 20 yrs apart). We saw each other more when we all grew up though. Being in a nursing home extended her life I think-she was in there about 5 yrs. So of course we are wondering about Dad C and if he is going to start to have trouble getting around-he’ll be 89 in June. He lives in a 4 bedroom split and we live in a 3 bedroom ranch, so no space here. Only time will tell, but it’s going to be hard for Brian as he needs to get serious about another job.

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  1. I hope it’s nothing too serious with DadC. It is so sad to watch a parent go downhill as they age.

    Your sunflower card is cute. Are you going with the orange poppies for the next trade?

  2. Love your sunflower ATC, no doubt your swap partner will be delighted with it as well:-) Will have to check out Swap Bot and see if it’s something I’d like to do.

    Oh dear, i do hope that the shadow seen in the xrays they took of Brian’s dad doesn’t end up being anything serious. My friend June’s mother in law just broke her leg in 3 places…she’s 92 years old and really didn’t need that at all:-( She fell when she tried to walk to her wheelchair.

    So very sorry to hear of your aunt’s passing, even if you weren’t close to her, it’s still family and it’s sad to start seeing them getting old and dying. xoxo

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