Around the corner nature shots


I drive in this area several times a month and just today I told Brian that I’d love to get out and take some photos. We were on our way home with lunch, so a bit later we headed a few miles down the road. The area is a nature preserve called The White Clay Creek, a tributary of the Christiana River. We parked in front of the closed off bridge where the road was buckling. The bridge was just named to the national registry of historic places a couple of years ago.
Chandler Mill Bridge historic marker

Chandler Mill Bridge

The creek on a winter day

Bowed Fence
Brian always wants to take a photo of yours truly….
Dianne near the creek

(did a little free photoshopping because Flickr’s editing program called Picnik is closing in April so I had access to the premium features.  Gave myself some lipstick and botox-lol)

Signs near the bridge

Last summer, Sean and I stopped the car in this same area to see if we could get a photo of a white heron we spotted there. Of course the stork-like bird was skitterish and we didn’t get a shot of him. I see the Audubon Society thinks this is an important area.

A mile or less up this road is a cemetery we didn’t know about until a few years or less ago. I remember driving by here at night, (before the cemetery was fenced off) and swearing I saw the white of a grave marker and it really was one! There use to be a Black church located here 300 years ago!

Sign for the Cemetery

Cemetery dating back to early 1700s

I believe the Boy Scouts fenced it off and made the sign for their Eagle Scout project. You could go in and look around, but by that time we were both chilled to the bone and glad to get some hot tea and coffee when we got home.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little part of my world.

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  1. I did enjoy seeing a bit of your world. That is a nice spot for an afternoon walk.

    I must say when I first looked at your photo, I noticed how nicely your lipstick was applied! LOL.

  2. What a lovely spot that is and I love the pictures you took. I noticed your lipstick right away as well! lol Speaking of which, I bought a red lipstick today because the girl said it’s the “in” thing right now but I don’t know, it’s pretty darn red! lol

    Ooooh, you know how much I would love to go investigate that cemetery!!!! xoxo

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