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The porcelain girls, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

There is a nice thrift shop that is part of the hospital where my mom goes to the doctor. Sometimes if I have more time, I’ll run in there myself. On Monday we dropped in, and I found a gorgeous tapestry jacket-it’s in greens and golds. When I wear it I’ll make a point of taking a photo. Then mom found a plaid green and blue mohair jacket. It was a 2P and she tried it on and it fit perfectly. I was happy mine was a’ L’ ! So we were pleased we found a few things we liked right away and went downstairs in the shop where I found the sweet doll in the red and white for $5. I do have some dolls around the house and haven’t bought one for years. The little girl in the plaid is by Richard Simmons and she is usually holding a gift. Both will be put away in a few weeks anyway. ‘Olivia’, my doll with the pink bow is out year ’round. She was pricey when I bought her. I always thought I’d have a daughter with green eyes and the curly hair as it runs on Brian’s side of the family. Sean has more of the Knowles family wavy hair. The doll in red is by Knowles china!
I found these cute Carnival glass butterfly dishes- salts maybe? There probably is suppose to be 4.
Butterfly dishes
I haven’t taken photos in a while and here is the ‘Sweets’ tree that was on the camera but not uploaded yet:
2011  Sweets tree
And my Valentine art from last week:
Lovebirds Valentine

Sweet Valentines
I hope to do something more crafty over the weekend. Today I went to the dentist at 11:20 as my temp crown broke off in the back again and he decided to make a new one. When he went to smooth it, the drill made it pop off and break. So now the third one is in my mouth and it looks and feels much better. I have 11 days to wait for the permanent crowns. It’s been a crazy dental month! NYC in a month!

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  1. I love your Valentines Dianne, those little girls are so cute! Sorry to read about your dental problems, hope everything is going OK now. Enjoy your time with your Mom, I truly miss those special times. Take care, we’ll talk soon.


  2. Great deal on the doll. She would look nice under the Christmas tree next year.

    The valentine’s turned out pretty.

    Glad to hear the crown process is almost complete.

  3. I love going to thrift shops, it’s so amazing what you can find there:-) Love that red coated doll you bought, she’s gorgeous and the price sure was right! Clothes are not something I usually buy at a thrift shop but every once in a while I do browse through them. The Carnival Glass butterfly dishes are beautiful!!

    You did a wonderful job on your Valentine art. I’ve made quite a few ATCs lately, will have to take pictures of them to post on my blog:)

    Oh dear, so sorry to hear that you’ve been having so many problems with the temp crown, hopefully this one will stay put until you get the permanent one in!! xoxo

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