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I found this on Amazon a year or so ago. I had it on my wishlist and never got it. Then I decided to open up an Amazon charge and they give you a $40 gift card, so I finally got one!

I made the basic  red sauce lasagna for dinner. My substitutes were -no cook noodles, ground turkey and low fat ricotta. I sauteed onion and garlic to dress up the turkey when I cooked it. The noodles were too wide to put in the pan long ways, so I had to break them all. This made them fit sideways and made 3 perfect servings in each section. I think it needed a bit more sauce, but all in all pleased with it! It also came with it’s own little spatula.

 I plan to try other recipes-chicken and broccoli, lobster(!), etc.

I also had a nice Caesar salad with lemon garlic dressing.

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  1. Mmmmm, that sure does look delicious! Good thing I don’t live near or I’d be tempted to come over for meals often! hehe I love lasagna and always serve it with Caesar salad as well. Such an unusual pan but what a great idea for 3 servings!! xoxo

  2. Is that a lasagna pan so everyone gets an end piece with crispy noodles? Like those brownie pans? It looks interesting. You could freeze one section and have just enough for one meal. Neat!

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