Brandywine Christmas


Brandywine Christmas 076, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Brandywine Christmas-that's Sean
Sean and I ventured down to the Brandywine River Museum to see their Christmas display as it will be over soon. We enjoyed getting in for a good price between Sean being a student and having a coupon (from the book I get every year). I particularly liked the above shot of the statue ‘Boy with Hawk’ with the wreath. The Ann Wyeth McCoy dolls were really sweet and varied in size from tiny to life size. The trains are always a hit with the kids to the grown ups. They had a drive-in, fairgrounds, and a replica of the Herr’s Snack food plant that is down in Nottingham, Pa. Did I forget to mention it was in the 60s and it’s January? I always like looking at the Wyeth paintings too. I don’t recall seeing the Helga nudes, so that was interesting. We had fun seeing the rabbit sculpture to the left of the museum.
Brandywine Christmas Doll peeking out window
Brandywine Christmas Dolls in bedroom scene
Brandywine Christmas Dolls with Ann painting on wall

That’s a painting of the collector Ann Wyeth McCoy in the background there.
Brandywine Christmas people watching trains
Seven dwarfs made out of seeds and natural things

Amazing ‘critters’!
Brandywine Christmas critter tree

Dianne and the Brandywine Bunny sculpture

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  1. How I would love to visit that museum, everything looks so delightful! How come the name Brandywine sounds familiar to me? Is there something else that’s called that? I’ll have to check that out cuz it’s bothering me where I’ve heard it before! lol Love all the critters and the dolls are so darling as well. You do have so many wonderful places to visit around your area!! xoxo

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