New gadget on the way


My Uncle Don left me a little something in his will, I think to get a used car with it. So I got the PT Cruiser in July and it’s financed, but isn’t that much a month. I wanted some kind of tablet for us all to use, so today I looked on the Apple refurbished page and ordered an iPad2 32 gb for an excellent price. Sean says that his store sells the 16gb for the same price that I paid! We’ve bought other refurbished things and Apple has a good reputation and won’t send me anything scratched, etc. (at least I hope not). Here’s a sneak peek:

It will be great on trips instead of lugging around a laptop. The 32 gb is great for movies, etc. I’ll let you know about it.

I swear every time I’m excited about something, something else happens. My brother’s 11 yr old dalmation Baxter is having  G.I. issues, and he is taking him to the vet. I hope he’s okay-such a nice dog and always glad to see you. Mom and Don have to get up several times a night for the poor fella.

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  1. Happy New Year Di!
    You are going to love the iPad. I’ve had mine since October 2010 and it’s a fun little gadget! Hope you have lots of fun with it!

  2. Ohhhh an iPad. I might be able to talk my husband into one of those when Nick gets a little older. I think it would be more useful than a portable DVD player for the car.

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