This welcomed Christmas Day


I never had a white Amaryllis and I’m loving it.

We had a nice Christmas eve and Christmas. We did get together with almost everyone except my oldest brother who is a tech down at KYW tv in Philly. We said hi through my sister-in-law’s iPad. Speaking of tablets, I got one from Sean and it got a crack in the glass and hopefully he can return it. The blasted thing is made of glass and it slipped out of the case right on the floor and got the crack. I didn’t even have it 11 hours. I was showing it to my mom and was using the Kindle case (should have left it home) and forgot to zipper it  when I got home and out if slid. I think it has to had a defect to break so easily! My brother says he has dropped his phone (me too) many times without a problem.

Anyway Sean got us a blu-ray player and the picture is really nice. He also got us a Kodak wireless printer (gotta love that he works at a Wally World). We got a family gift of a Keurig coffee maker which was fun to use this morning.

I did take a few photos last night and today, but only had the ones from last night on the computer.

My niece Tori opening her gifts from us-a book that featured making jewelry from famous paintings and a friendship bracelet kit.

Almost all of the cousins (missing Kenny-but he did join) having fun.

Sean and his Mom mom.

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