Some holiday shots


For some reason, we left the camera on a high ISO rating, thus the photos are not as sharp as they could have been.

Mom’s Christmas fairy display

Part of her massive lighted house display (my brother did a ton of decorating)

Me and her dog Kelsey

The Comcast offered a roaring fire for atmosphere

We had turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce with walnuts and mandarin oranges and what I made puffy cauliflower casserole and ultimate green beans. The recipe called for a pinch of hot pepper flakes and must have really ‘activated’ when my brother reheated them. They were way too spicy.

I’m wearing a vest I’ve had for a while with a new top. Both Brian and Sean are wearing new shirts. You can tell Brian’s been sick from his dark circles. He’s getting there. These were taken before the tablet cracked. After that, we were kind of sad for the rest of the evening.

Update-Sean was able to return the tablet and get a refund. We’re saving up for a better brand that doesn’t break as easily.

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