Snowball wreath


So I got this idea from Pinterest, but had to make it my own. Plus, when I purchased the Styrofoam balls, I could have stood another few bags. I got the bags of goods at the handy ol’ Dollar Store. But first the issue was the wreath base. I could not find a round Styrofoam base. Where do all crafters search for stuff-the basement! I was looking around and found one that Sean used as a costume prop when he was a Titanic sailor back about 13 years ago! (I know what you are thinking-pack rat). So anyway, brought that base up, took off the red string and the lettering S.S. Titanic.Sean as a Titanic sailor
I did have to saw off the top to make it easier to pin the snowballs in. The one lady on Pinterest rolled her snowballs in Epsom salts to give them a snowy look, but I was happy with the way mine were. Two near the bottom are from a pick from another wreath. To fill in space, I wound some garland around the snowballs and added the snowflakes. I think it was under $10 to make.

Here’s a few other new things. I got the Cloche’ at Longwood Gardens yesterday  for half price. The little ‘boxes’ inside are Monet. They are a little reindeer and gingerbread house.

The pods in the faux berries are Moonflower seeds. In my china cabinet are plaster castings of Sean’s hands we made a number of years ago.

And I am growing an Amaryllis and some Narcissus. I just planted the later and all I had was a pie tin and sea glass-I’ll probably have to find something deeper, but they have no roots on them and were sprouted like this when I bought them. The pinkish salmon Poinsettia is from Terrain.

About Dianne

Domestic goddess, wife, mom, gardener, paper and collage artist, geocacher, local traveler, cross stitcher, baker, crafter, Facebooker, blogger, decorator and photographer.

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  1. Love your white wreath and the new cloche. It is amazing what can be used to make an attractive holiday wreath.

    My amaryllis still looks the same as when I planted it in late November. I think I got a DUD. Hope you have better luck

  2. What a cute wreath Dianne. I just started on Pinterest, it’s fun!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a great day. We relaxed, went to a movie and had dinner out, wonderful day!!!!!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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