Just catching up!
Monday I went down to my hometown to get my hair done and picked up my mom so she could do some power shopping where I work. She was actually very selective and we were in the store a bit over an hour and she did well. We are doing a ‘pollyanna’ and I got gifts for two people. We grabbed lunch and then had to go back to the store as something was the incorrect size and looked at the 65-75% off ladies’ clothing racks. With my discount and the 50 plus day we saved 40% off on the totals. Mom then wanted to go to ‘lots’ of junk. After 4 hours of shopping, I brought her home again and as the weather is also rainy-stinky, she is staying over again.
I am way behind with decorating. Shopping isn’t too bad. I found a flat tree wreath at a thrift shop and took off the ugly fake bright red bows and added new ones. I’ll show you soon.

My mom doing a little embroidery work.

Cosmo is getting snazzy for the holidays.

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  1. What’s a pollyana? It sounds like you are making good use of your employment discount. The job is paying off it for nothing else than gift discounts!

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