Beginning to feel like Christmas


Forgive this shot, it’s from my phone. I was so happy to create a little merriment (for me at least) in the chaos. I think I’ll be cleaning and decorating until the big day!

This is my handmade ornament tree that you probably remember from past year. I am adding small things on the metal willow tree behind the feather tree. I’ll need a taller tree soon!
I will have a busy weekend at the store. I work 4 to 9 on Saturday(I so dislike eating dinner at 3 pm) and then Sunday I’m doing gift wrap from 1-3. I like to gift wrap and I get to sit down! I’ve been hurting at night, mostly my knees and I wear a brace on either one or both at times.Think of me trying to wrap gifts like Martha Stewart on Sunday! I couldn’t get moving until 4 this afternoon. I got paid and wanted to hit Big Lots which I did.
Then I went over to the Dollar store to pick up stuff for some things for gift baskets. I saw a really sad sight and I can’t forget it. An elderly woman was all soiled and wet. She had black pants on, but you could see that she had an issue. And the urine smell was strong. She didn’t seem to care. She also had sores on her face. I had never seen anyone out like that. She was alone (and wearing dirty sandals) and I saw her about to get behind the wheel of a car. Now she has to have mental issues and there she was about to drive and it was getting dark. I couldn’t go up to the register for a few minutes. When I got in the car I used hand sanitizer. There is another elderly person being sweep under the rug and not taken care of when she can’t take care of herself. I came home and just sat on the sofa in shock a bit. You wish you could do something, but then she would have been embarrassed and she did look really dirty. I hope she gets help.

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  1. I love the thread spool ornies on your cute little tree.

    It is sad about the lady. I, too, hope she has someone to care for her when she gets home.

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