Gazing at the Stargazer Lilies


A very trying and busy week has crept along since my birthday. The stars did not align favorably for me, a new employee and Brian being the sickest he’s been in the 29.5 years I have known him. Everyone is tired and grouchy. The added pressure of having to cook Thanksgiving dinner and working on Black Friday was hard. The dinner was pretty good, though the turkey was kind of bland and a bit dry. The side dishes were better. The taco soup I made the night before was delicious and I’ll make it again…

My mom and brother sent me flowers last week and none of them were open last Saturday. Slowly they started to open and the smell from them is wonderful!

Aren’t they lovely!

I am so glad it’s the weekend as I don’t know which end is up as I’m so out of whack from not eating when I am use to it and standing and standing and wanting to do stuff around the house. At the store, I sometimes just sit on the floor in the home ware department and tidy up something to get off my feet. I ran into a crate the other night and have a 3 inch bruise on my right leg shin. All this for 7 weeks or less. Yep, signed a paper to say I wasn’t guaranteed employment after that time. It was quiet the last few hours the store was open on Black Friday and I did a lot of vacuuming. I did a little shopping-the said I only had 15 minutes, so I got a few select things, didn’t get to look as much as I wanted. Think I’ll go back tomorrow and look around a bit more.
Not really in the mood for decorating yet. My mom said my brother put up a village of lighted houses and a little tree with dog ornaments and polka dot ribbon. I’m so glad to hear this!
Have a great weekend!

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