It’s a rainy, cool day. That describes many days this year as it’s one of the wettest ones on record. I headed down to the store at 2 and a young man in his 30s got dropped off. Seemed we were the only ‘new recruits’. I noticed a poster with 18 names on it in the room where we were, so we’ll be 19 and 20. I think I’m 19 as he was waiting to hear from the guy when he called me last week. That’s one of my lucky numbers! : )   We basically filled out paperwork with the assistant manager and she left and we watched 4 DVDs about how to use the registers and helping customers. We had to guess the correct reply and got 10 out of 12 right. Then we looked around the store and since we aren’t on the clock, left after almost 2.5 hours. The assistant had called the manager on the phone and he said to come in on Friday. I won’t be in the area (I told him this earlier), so will call soon and find out my first day. We will be ‘shadowing’ people mostly the first week or so. We saw where there are 3 pay periods until the end of December and that may be all for us. There’s some cute clothes and gift items in the store, wish I could show you!

Brian is home sick today. He was running about a 101 temp last night. Seems he has a similar bug to what Sean had, but more in his throat and he’s coughing. Our reservations probably can’t be canceled now and I really want to still go-please send good vibes our way. I wasn’t feeling that wonderful today with allergies, etc. but I’m hyped to help out!

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Domestic goddess, wife, mom, gardener, paper and collage artist, geocacher, local traveler, cross stitcher, baker, crafter, Facebooker, blogger, decorator and photographer.

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  1. I’m glad they finally called you and had you come in for some training, I know how peeved you were at not knowing when you’d be going in! I’m sure you will do fine and no doubt will be kept busy with the Christmas rush starting. Will be thinking of you:-)

    Oh no, sorry to hear that Brian is now sick in bed:-( E has started that cough but he’s still going to work thank goodness! lol Just hope he keeps it to himself!! Sending healing thoughts to Brian and fingers crossed that you’ll both be well for your trip:-) xoxo

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