Grateful for a fine fall day


I wanted to do some walking for exercise as I was a couch potato over the weekend. It wasn’t a difficult choice to go to old faithful-Longwood Gardens. A few others had the same idea, but I didn’t mind. I always take my camera. I figure I got a good 3/4 -1 mile in.

November rose

Some of their fabulous Mum displays

Did you know there were so many Mums?

I love the Orchid room and like this shot

Another unusual mum topiary

And I thought this was really neat-a Pomegranate Bonsai (over 100 yrs old) with two gorgeous fruits

It’s a lovely pink sunset, nice ending to a pretty decent day.

Only problem, the store manager hasn’t called to tell me when to come in for training.

Update-He called at 5:30 and I got in for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon-finally!

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  1. How neat that the P. tree has 2 fruits. I wonder if it is the first time it bore fruit.

    I like that Wind Dancer mum. It looks like a big spider.

    Good luck tomorrow! I will be waiting to see how day 1 went.

  2. No, I didn’t know there were so many types of Mums! Such gorgeous displays they have at Longwood Gardens and you’re so lucky to live near enough to walk to it. It’s also my first time to see how a pomegranate grows! Stunning sunset. xoxo

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