Paranormal event in my hometown


I’m on a Facebook group called ‘you know you grew up in Media, PA…if’ and it really snowballed into a popular group. If you haven’t started one for your hometown, you should. One of the memories that was stirred from my subconscious was about the Helibron Mansion located on Rose Tree Road not far from Penncrest high school. Seems the school bus use to go by this place every day. What I remembered more was ‘the cat house’, up the road and had a cat visible in every window of the cottage like place. The summer air would not be sweetly perfumed from that place. So the mansion was the subject of a non-fiction winning book called ‘Night Stalks the Mansion’written by Constance Westbie and Harold Cameron and back in 1977. Cameron and his family lived in the house for 2 frightful years. I don’t know why they say they lived in ‘Wynne, Pa’ which isn’t even a town in this state!

It’s been investigated a number of times. A friend of my brothers did a photo documentary about the place and was inside it many times. Seems 3 ghosts haunted it, a mother, her daughter and a black man who was a slave and hung on the property for killing the daughter.
There were a few things brought up by the local paper that Margaret (the young girl) was on the 1870 census, 6 years after she was suppose to have been killed.., Anyway…spooky. Why was the house just abandoned with all it’s antiques and I also read a safe full of Christmas gifts from about 1942? The Camerons lived in the place in the 1960s, so around the time we were living 5 miles or so away. I’m glad it’s a short book as I’m reading it at bedtime and then turning off the light to pitch blackness. Yikes! There were plans for a movie, but they can’t seem to sign on actors.
On a more pleasant note, the original place was hazed in the late 1980s and rebuilt shortly afterwards and it’s beautiful. Heres’ an update and a dark photo of it. The present owners don’t have any ghostly inhabitants either. The book is available on Kindle.

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  1. Ooooh but that house does look scary just looking at it! You know how interested I am in haunted places but don’t ask me to go in there! lol You are a brave soul if you can read that book just before going to bed, I’d be hiding under the blankets!! 🙂 xoxo

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