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I thought you’d like to see one of the quaint buildings about 5 miles from here where Brian and I went to a book sale. Usually book sales are swamped around here and sadly this one at London Grove Friends wasn’t. Most of the books were $1 and I found some awesome ones, even a couple for my mom for Christmas. The place has a plant sale every year that is better attended. I posted on Facebook to give them some publicity.

Here is Ina parked outside the Kindergarten area.

It’s so sweet in there and I’d love to work there if I had enough credits (they need a teacher). It’s one of those places where you have a good vibe. From the internet only 33 kids (Quaker oriented-‘friends’) attend.

London Grove Meeting was settled in about 1724, although Friends had been worshipping in each other’s homes since 1714 when several Friends’ families settled in Marlborough. The home of John Smith was a regular venue. The first meeting house was built in 1724, and a larger one constructed in 1743. The present one is larger still, built in 1818. It is on Newark Road and Route 926, five miles west of Kennett Square. It was held by the Hicksite majority at the time of the separation in 1827. The Orthodox withdrew and met in a small house on lower ground about a quarter mile nearer the railroad station. [A Little Book of Information on the Particular Meetings composing Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends (n.d.).]

'Penn Oak" at London Grove meeting house

Photo on the left is the London Grove burial ground and the ancient “Penn Oak”. It is a quercus alba, a white oak that provided shade once for William Penn when he ate lunch beneath it. [Norma Jacob, ed., Quaker Roots: The Story of Western Quarterly Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (1980), 23.]







I’m waiting on the store manager to tell me when to come in for training. I think it will be Tuesday or Wednesday. Then I have to shadow people as a trainee. Then I’m wondering after all that they won’t need me anymore? Staying positive. : )

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  1. What a beautiful old school! it was interesting to read some of the history behind it, you know how much I love old buildings like that:-) Such a shame their book sale wasn’t attended by more people. I would have loved to look at what books they had!! Of course the Burial Ground would have been of interest to me as well! That Penn Oak tree is gorgeous and I can just imagine William Penn sitting underneath it.

    Good luck with your job training, I’m sure they will need you with the Christmas rush starting!! xoxo

  2. Glad to hear you got some good books, but too bad the sale was not well attended.

    With your new job you probably won’t have too much reading time for the next few weeks. I will be anxiously awaiting the report of your first day on the job.

  3. I usually read only when I am about to turn off the light at night, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
    There are lots of wonderful old places around here that I should park Ina outside of and take her photo.

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