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I thought I’d have a new dishwasher by now. It’s 5:10 and I’m still waiting for the guys to get here. At 4:30 they said they had to go to a main drag in Delaware to retrieve it. At 3:30 I had called to see where they were and he said he’d be here by 4:15 or 4:30. I guess he didn’t know the dishwasher wasn’t in the back of his truck then? The guy who called wasn’t the same one who called this morning or who I called at 3:30. I didn’t get to enjoy one of the last warm days of 2011 (it was about 70 degrees).  All I did was sort out papers. This leaves me time to at least now go through craft books maybe tonight!

Update-here is my new Kenmore-it’s more sturdy than the Maytag!

Two guys who were wet behind the ears installed it, and I hope all the hoses are tight, etc. They left water under the sink (from when they disconnected the hoses there) and the big box from this one. I think they were younger than Sean!

I applied for another babysitting job-3:30 to 6 every day. I’m getting frustrated now. I can view my stats on Care and 8 different people have looked at my profile 50+ times. What gives? A few ladies on Facebook say to watch little kids all day is too much for them, even a few days a week. I’m thinking the late day watching is better- two boys 8 and 9 (Sean was cute at that age). I sure hope they live around the corner.

All this waiting is a pain in the neck. Not to mention waiting for test results. After a week, I exhale.

Do you know what this is? One of those QR codes. I generated it from a site and it does say something for the holidays. I saw where a lady did this in a cross stitch pattern, so I think I’ll try it. That is also able to be scanned.

Next weekend is my birthday and retreat get-away that I bought in August for Brian and me. It’s not that far away, but it’s something different to do for a change. Having an autumn birthday has it’s disadvantages as it’s not a good time to go to the beach-unless you get great weather. And people give you Christmas related gifts.  The place we are going is near a casino, so we may try our luck a bit next Friday night.

Come on dishwasher installers! Guess it’s a pizza night. I can’t start cooking and then they come along to put the washer in.

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  1. The new dishwasher looks nice. Now you will have to cook a big meal to see how it works.

    Will you have to go to their home to babysit or will they get off a bus at yours? That makes a big difference.

  2. I think that’s the worst, having to wait for a delivery/repairman, they never seem to come at the time they say they are going to come!! I also hate it when I see such young people doing the job. I realize they need experience but sometimes you’d just rather have someone who already knows what they’re doing! lol I’ve never had a dishwasher, can you believe it?!

    I’m sure you’re looking forward to your birthday getaway:-) Hopefully the weather will cooperate and you & Brian will have a wonderful time:-) xoxo

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