Thinking handcrafting Christmas goodies


I’m going to start looking into making some gifts for Christmas this year. I am running across some fab ideas on Pinterest like a snowball wreath with a mixture of Styrofoam and glass balls. I saw a few decorations using vintage music sheets. I should get my mom involved too. Speaking of mom, I went down to see her on Thursday to take her out to lunch. She was kind of shuffling her feet and got a little winded. She also wasn’t wearing her glasses which didn’t help. Anyway, I’m going to be pulling out my Christmas books that include crafty stuff. The holidays are coming up fast!

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  1. That Pinterest sure is great for getting ideas. I love to go there and just look around. The only problem is the page always gets stuck as it loads.

    I, too, will look forward to seeing what you make from all that inspiration.

  2. I’ve been buying all the latest magazines with all the Christmas ideas and recipes, something I always love to do at this time of year:-) The wreath made with Styrofoam and glass balls sounds wonderful, make sure you show us if you make one!! I was thinking of making a few candy wreaths (with ribbon, you tie up wrapped candies to a wire wreath) and I should make up my mind soon as it’s a long process!

    Hopefully your mom is not having heart problems…always worry about that when they get winded. I brought my mom out for lunch and shopping on Wednesday and I find she tires out real easily.

    Have a great weekend my friend. xoxo

  3. Thanks for your concern about my mom, Carole. She gets checked out a lot. She’s too thin and doesn’t walk around stores like she use to. I suggested a few times around the yard, but she has to be careful the dogs don’t trip her. Brian’s dad is 88 1/2 and has a bad toe and won’t walk around.

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