Still seeking employment


I’m not giving up! I have a few prospects-babysitting (still need to meet the family) or a store a mile away. I could probably get a bit more money babysitting, but I kind of prefer working at the store. I think it’s just seasonal, but I’m sure if they like you, they may keep you. I’ll have to learn the register and do pricing, etc. I have worked retail at the mall when I was in college. I did mostly evenings and the weekend. I’m still wanting to keep it part time. I never heard from T*J*M, that I don’t understand. But with the job mentioned above, I added a personal note about working retail before and not to go by just what I had written down as they were jobs I did when Sean was in school. I will be on my feet a lot, I know, but it’s a smallish store (mostly clothing) and it may be the ticket for me. I feel like I’m in a rut, and I worry about getting by and Bri having too much on his shoulders. And being so close, well that is a plus too. Crossing fingers.
Sean couldn’t go to work as he’s still not up to par. He is coughing a lot and says his throat is bothering him the most. He is going to try school from 7-10 as he missed last night.
Update I have an interview at the store (11-4) with the manager who sounds close to Sean’s age. I’m kind of nervous, but excited too!

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  1. Fingers crossed that your interview went well and you won’t have to wait too long to find out if you have the job or not at that store! It does sound like it would be perfect for you. I don’t think I could handle a babysitting job, did it for 4 years when my boys were younger and it wore me right out…imagine how it would be now that I’m in my 50’s! lol

    Hope Sean feels better soon. The flu is really starting to go around over here and everyone I meet seems to have a cold/flu. Ugh! Oh well, ’tis the season!! xoxo

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