Celebs in Crafting


Marilyn Take One ATC
When I went to the Heirloom rubber stamp and paper craft show recently,
I never expected to see a Marilyn Monroe stamp which I had to have! I thought I’d use her in many different ways. She’s not a mounted stamp which makes her a bit hard to use, but I just added some double-sided sticky tape on an acrylic block and stuck her on for the time being. I was lucky enough to have the director’s clapboard which worked well on this card. I added the purple glitter and some more stars and I was happy.
I haven’t seen any celeb stamps for a while, maybe Charlie Chaplin. If I use celebs, I find them on stickers, in magazines or in books. I have a nice Shirley Temple book (original) and I have scanned a few of the pages and they are on Flickr.
Shirley Temple at Play-1935
Celebrate for the 4th of July ATC
I’ve made a couple of the Curse of the Black Pearl ATCs with Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly (stickers)
Jack Sparrow-P of the C #1 ATC-traded with Katie
Elizabeth-P of C #3-sent to Katie in Florida
and sent them to a sweet young artist in Florida as she liked them so much. I love Clara Bow’s 1920s face and used her too.
No  place like home ATC
I also have used Lana Turner.
Skinny-ad in your art-Film Noir n/a
A few more:
Mae West
Times Like These ATC-traded to Quay Bell

Brad Pitt:
A fruit and  Brad make-a Peach Pitt! ATC

Gene Tierney:
Pin-up Surf Goddess for Swap-bot.com
Hedy Lamarr:
Pin-up Happy Homemaker for Swap-bot.com
Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman:
Notorious Skinny Card-Movie Star swap-vaihto
I saw Lana years ago when she appeared on ‘The Mike Douglas Show’ (taped in Philly). That was neat for my mom and grandmom as they saw so many of her movies in the 1940s and 1950s. I did a search and found this-probably the same show!

[livevideo id=9021283D569040AA92021902AA9F2549/689257/may-2-1975-george-carlin-.aspx]
May 2, 1975 – George Carlin – The Mike Douglas Show

(I’ve seen George Carlin, John Davidson and I think Joan Rivers-it was the 70s!) My friend and I waited in line back then at the Philly car show to get John Travolta’s autograph too. It’s MIA here which bugs me. I have a feeling it’s stuck in a scrapbook somewhere.
Sean came down with a sinus issue where he has a slight fever. He is coughing off and on from the post nasal drip. I’ve had sinus issues off and on for two weeks. When I take Claritin, I feel better, but I don’t like taking it every day. We’ve had a hard frost, so maybe the allergies (if that’s what it is) will calm down. Salt water has been my friend as has BioAllers nasal spray.

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  1. Oh how I love all of your celebrity ATCs, they’re so delightful and bring back a lot of memories of watching their movies back in the day:-) Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt….be still my heart! hehe I remember watching the Mike Douglas Show, wow that brings back memories as well! As for George Carlin, I always thought he was the funniest man I’d ever heard, he was brilliant. xoxo

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