A little autumn decor


This is a cellphone upload, so it could be a little better. These are most of the gourds I grew-two were different with the little green stripes around the bottom, so they are in the other room. I wanted the ‘looking glass’ spray paint and Sean couldn’t locate it at Walmart-this is ‘plain’ silver. I then got some gold too. These are in a light yellow gold in the family room.

Speaking of that room, I worked all day in there to the beat of James Taylor and Carole King’s ‘Troubadour’ concert and a little Bonnie Raitt. Cosmo was not amused as I don’t play my CDs that often, and he stayed out of the room. It’s the next biggest room 15′ x 20′ (it was the garage) and I’m not finished. Seemed I had a lot of paper sorting and dusting. Found sewing I need to do-just turn up the cuffs on jackets, turn up slacks (a life long issue) and make a dress shorter.
Nothing from any of the applications yet. I’m really hoping American Greetings gets back to me as I would like to get my foot in the door that way (stocking cards). Crossing fingers.

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  1. What a cute idea to spray paint those gourds! Hmmm, Cosmo didn’t like your selection of music or just wasn’t impressed with music, period? lol I know it’s a big job but it feels so good when you’ve sorted through a room, doesn’t it. Fingers crossed that you soon hear from American Greetings!!! xoxo

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