Can you find the Monarch butterfly?


You may have to enlarge the photo by clicking on it and then looking at the largest image by clicking through the one that comes up-from the right corner-got that? Update-he is on the flower below the tallest flower in the middle.
Went for a walk at Longwood Gardens today and I was surprised by all the flowers still in bloom-and the bees and butterflies. I went for a peaceful walk around the lake there, the opposite direction I went with my friends last time.
Tropical leaf

Lake and changing fall colors

Trio of geese

Bee on Dahlia

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  1. I couldn’t find the butterfly either! lol I enlarged the picture and all I can say is that it’s blending in very well!!! I would have loved going for that walk with you, such pretty scenery around the lake. There were a lot of flowers in bloom in Niagara Falls but none over here. I live a 6 hour drive north of the Falls so that explains no flowers over here this time of year! lol It’s 43F here this morning and raining…yuck! xoxo

  2. i couldnt find the monarch butterfly but i enlarged it and was looking hard! the pictures are so nice. I am doing a science project on the monarch butterfly with one of my friends and i would like to find out more about the butterfly. I live in newfoundland so i wont holdmy breath to see one. LOL

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