Finally crafting


A few weeks ago I received a note in the mail inviting me to a baby shower. I hadn’t seen the young man for many years and didn’t know he was married and he and his wife were expecting. I knew I wanted to make something as the couple has a Winnie the Pooh theme. I looked around my stash and found an unpainted frame and made this:

I had a Winnie greeting card and he was holding a snowball-so I found the button border trim and now he is holding a button! It was fun to do and I have a few more little things to include with that Winnie theme. I will mail off the package today even though it’s about an hour or so away as I need to keep the next week open in case I hear back from prospective employers. The shower is on Thursday.
Need to get a flu shot one of these days-maybe today. We need to finish up the outside. I left a few crates outs and they were no where to be seen. I’m wondering if Bri just put them back in the shed and forgot. All I could see is a groundhog pulling them down the gulley-lol.
We are still getting nice weather which is suppose to change later in the week. I can then get the rest of my clothes sorted out.
Have a pleasant week!

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  1. They will love that frame and card, so sweet. When my boys were babies, their room was decorated with Winnie the Pooh:-)

    A flu shot is something I’ve never had, just don’t believe in them. My mom use to get them and then would be sick all winter long. Now she doesn’t get one and is fine:-)

    We were having gorgeous weather but in the last week it’s been cold and rainy. Not too many leaves are left on the trees now so it’s looking pretty bare in the woods. xoxo

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