Serious stash additions


Since I had the yard sales and made a little spending moola, I went a little hog wild at the York Rubber stamp and paper show this year. I have ‘always’ wanted the Alice in Wonderland stamp set which was the most expensive thing I bought, but there are 10 rubber stamps in it. I also bought a few unmounted stamps. This one lady said ‘half the price, twice the work’, but I just got some double sided sticky tape for Marilyn Monroe and the vintage lady and stuck them on an acrylic block. No big deal.
I found some ‘Vintage business papers’ (not really vintage, but it will give me that feel); glitter, stamp pads and little embellishments like keys and frames. This one place had stuff like that $3 and under. I loved shopping there. I can’t wait to get to work other than just testing the goods. Watch this blog now!
Vintage Business paper label
Non-stamping stash
Alice in Wonderland
Stamp for jewelry making
The butterfly stamp for making jewelry-they used crystals and how gorgeous they are!
Picture Show stamps
The mascot for a company-the lady’s favorite Easter gift as a child.
Gifts for mom
Gifts for my mom. : ) (These look a bit like her little dawg Kelsey). The glass dog was found at the book and emporium (I haven’t taken photos of what I bought there).

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