Moon over farm near Mount Joy


Moon over farm near Mount Joy, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

We went on a little day trip like we did last year up to central PA. It was just Brian and me this year. First we went to York (about 64 miles one way) where I did some stash building at the Heirloom rubber stamp and paper show. I felt a bit rushed last year as I had two guys waiting on me, but I was more relaxed this year as Bri didn’t mind waiting. We then went to a book store and emporium in downtown York (which was the first capital of the country). I would have liked to taken a few more shots of the historic buildings there.Here’s a sampling in the area of the book store.
Ivy creeping on old building
Nicely painted old building in York
The book store was packed with merchandise. Since I had just browsed the other place for 2 hours, I was a bit bushed in the book store.
York Emporium and used books
I did find a ‘surprise’ for someone and will mail it along soon.
We then went about 20 miles (toward home a bit) and went to Bube’s Brewery (the first syllable is pronounced ‘boo’) and we ate burgers outside on the patio.
Bube's Brewery
Brian at Bube's Brewery
Dianne at Bube's Brewery
Candle lit windows of Bube's Brewery

They were pretty good but we waited for them and for the bill way too long. We had seen a Turkey Hill place that was new (their specialty is ice cream) on the way to the restaurant, but they had closed a half hour earlier.
Tower for The Turkey Hill Experience
We got to the Strasberg ice cream place 5 minutes before they closed for our desserts. Bri got caramel and I got pumpkin. So we had a full day and it was nice to see something different.

Here’s my post about the trip last year.

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  1. That looks like a great day trip. I love the buildings in York. The bookstore looks so cozy. I just want to sit in one of those chairs and leaf through a garden book.

    Pumpkin ice cream sounds good, too!

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