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It seems the days are blending into one another as they get shorter. I’ve been trying to walk every other day at the park, though I did walk around the yard 4 times on Saturday. I noticed a few more people with the same idea yesterday as I parked after I had a brush with a curve-in my beloved Ina! I am so mad at myself for trying to back up 75 feet or so when a flatbed was in the way to the parking area where I really wanted to go. I forgot it curved at the end, and up I went and scraped the side of the tire. Brian was 5 minutes away getting ads and stopped to look and said it looked okay. I of course, checked out the front door first thing this morning and she was okay. I am not use to the car yet and certainly not backing up. I feel dumb, but at least no paint scrapes.
I am going to go outside and put fairies and gnomes away today as it’s going to be nice in the 70s. Just have to get going now.
And because I like to share photos, a nice store window in Cape May, NJ:

You can see my mom and Brian in the reflection on the right side. I don’t know who those other people are. ; )

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  1. I’m used to my car and yet I don’t back up if I can help it! lol Don’t feel too bad about scraping the tire with the curb, it happens to the best of us:-)

    It’s been gorgeous here all week as well and yesterday I gathered all my faeries and other garden ornaments, washed them all and put them away in their storage bin. I also started clearing out all my flowerbeds and finished today. Now I’m sore all over, my muscles are complaining! lol Tomorrow I plan on putting away all the patio furniture and then I’ll be done with the outside:-)

    That Halloween display in the window is beautiful, makes me want to go in and buy everything! lol xoxo

  2. Well, at least Ina did not get hurt. I was worried when I first started reading!

    I have been wondering where you were. I think we all need a bit of a blog break by the time October rolls around.

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