The road home


Reminds me of a song…, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

We thought the sky was so unusual last night, that I took a photo through the windshield while Bri was driving on the Atlantic City Expressway.
We were tired today, but it was nice to see some familar faces and places. I will get to a post maybe tomorrow about the trip.
We had the heater looked at again. Water is now coming in our chimney, so the repairman thinks. He pushed a button and it came back on again, but we need to get the chimney capped.
I am going to get my dishwasher looked at. I’ve been handwashing dishes (Bri helps) since March. I was just waiting to pay off my microwave and a warranty for the clothes washer. Wish appliances lasted longer than 5 yrs!

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