Cupcake selling could be a profitable business venture


Yum-cupcakes!, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

This is a vendor(it’s funny as she has her hand in the money box-goes with my title!) from the mushroom festival. I don’t know about you, but I sure remember the day when cupcakes were about 50 cent each. Even today down at the Giant, 6 of them are around $3-4 in the little plastic boxes-NOT $3.50 for one cupcake like this place. I ‘indulged’, let’s put it that way. And when the woman (not this one) handed Bri the container, he took it and let it drop in the bag-you guessed it-the icing all stuck to the lid and I have to fix it when I got home. They were good, but I was expecting spectacular! Mine-a Strawberry Lemonade was a bit on the dry side. I got Sean a coconut one and he liked it. As they were so expensive, I promised Bri I would make him a flavor I know he would enjoy-espresso-got to get out the Martha S. cupcake cookbook!
I’ve been cleaning and sorting. Found a lot of stuff for the #2 yard sale-purses, shoes, tops, etc. Seems that is what they like, but I was hoping the guys would sort out their stuff more. I’m going to go look in some more boxes.
A third even-more public is in early November-can’t beat $10 a table-so will probalby do that. In general the house is in an uproar, but I don’t care. I’ll even add some stuff from Bri’s dad and also Mom’s jewelry. Wish us luck!
Keep ‘someone close’ (don’t want to say who in case the wrong people read this) in your thoughts and prayers. They had a phone interview with an very popular internet company that we have utilized in the past and it is a $$ saving ‘deal’ company. They need a rep for Wilmington, DE.and this person just may fit the bill. I know they got a call back because of experience.

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