44 yrs


Could I possibly be ‘that old’ to be in a photo like this? At least I’m a little 7 yr old…

That’s my youngest brother Ken-so cute. I still wear headbands too. : )
Yesterday found me going through bag after bag of my mom’s jewelry. She had brought out this huge container filled with sandwich bags of it. Some had prices written on them, others didn’t. Seems they(brother and her) put ‘all’ the jewelry in bags which is inpractical to me. I think she needs a rake hanger! I kid you not! On Pinterest they use an old rake head for the necklaces. I actually made my own with a foam board-shared that several years ago.
I went throught most of the stuff and some stuff was silver or too nice for what the price said. I put them in a bag called ‘keepers’.
I cut back the games on Facebook to see if I can get more done around the house. I do play games with Sean like ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ and ‘Family Feud’ which take only a few minutes to play and use more brain power that some of the games. I played ‘Farmville’ for over two years and am growing tired of it. If you love it, by all means keep playing. I just needed a break.
Still looking to have another yard sale as the stuff is still in the living room. Brian’s dad sent some over last night-more ‘stuff’ to go out. That’s what I will do tomorrow-look through more clothes and boxes. I see a dent in the basement. ; )

Is this a busy time of the year? I hardly have anyone talk to me here (thanks to my few faithful readers) or on Facebook. I keep telling myself though I love to get comments, this blog is for me first. I think you all feel the same way about yours?

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  1. I have noticed quite a drop in visitors the past few weeks. For me, I think everyone is getting tired of gardening. In the spring/summer there is a big surge in visitors because we are all trying to get ideas for our own plantings. Now all we want is to have a fairy godmother blink and clean up the mess!

    Good idea to check out that jewelry before selling it at the garage sale.

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