26th Annual Mushroom Festival


26th Annual Mushroom Festival, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Wow, I’m really tired! Been a busy 3 days. Brian and I got up to Kennett Square on Sunday. You saw the pumpkin mushroom ice cream-not bad and not what you’re thinking. I would eat it again. Also got some Orange Chicken and Edamane rice from a new Asian cuisine place which was just okay. I bought a cup of mushroom soup and had that for lunch on Monday. Very good and rich, but the Longwood Gardens booth was missing and they have really good soup. Anyway, here are a few shots before I hit the hay. Took a whole trunk load of stuff to the Goodwill from the yard sale-stuff that wasn’t even touched. Will be looking through clothes, etc. during the week.
The flavors of ice cream
Dianne at the Mushroom Festival
Kind of look like I am smelling mushroom soil-lol-but I was a bit impatient as Brian says he wants to take a photo and then it takes him a while to take it. I hope you got a chuckle out of the sign.
Quaint tea shop
Cute shop…first time in and will definitely go for more tea-the bags are huge and we got 3 cups out of one!
Painted mushrooms for contest
Creatively painted cement mushrooms for a silent auction. I should do this sometime as they give out so many to the public.
Fun house at the festival
Fun house! Took up a lot of a parking lot.
Beautiful inlaid wood mirrors
These were beautiful inlaid wood mirrors. Most over $1k. I wonder if he sold any?
And I can’t forget Zoey-
Pretty planter up in town

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  1. I’ve never been to a mushroom festival before but I’m sure I’d enjoy it because I love mushrooms:-) As for the pumpkin mushroom ice cream, well I’m not too sure about that! lol I’m glad you were able to go and enjoy some time there.

    I always end up giving whatever I didn’t sell in my yard sales to charity as well. Thanks for the email explaining why your customers were wanting clothes:-) xoxo

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