Good yard sale


For 5 hours ‘outside’ work, we made $80! Brian gave up his childhood desk that for some reason he had stashed in the basement bathroom. We had mainly people looking for clothes. I had a lot of craft books out, but no one out of about 10 or so cars really looked at them. I am trying to sell my Shaker style desk-I believe one woman got out of her car to look at it, but decided she didn’t have room for it-or didn’t feel like stripping it down. Do you remember when the Nordic track machines (like ski machines) were the rage back in the early 90s? Brian bought one and as the space shrunk and he stopped using it and it was getting in the way. He brought that up, but no one hardly looked at it or the Shaker desk. I am half tempted to go through my summer clothes early and toss some of them on a table. I may look in the boxes left over from when we had the kitchen remodeled-yep, still have a lot of them. I missed my intended audience-middle aged women who like to craft and like knick-knacks-makes sense-lol. I decided stuff that was marked $1 or less is going in a bag to the Goodwill. Oh and my mom came out with little bags of her costume jewelry (really too much) and only made $7. The heavy container is stuck in the back of my car now to return to her. I think she should have used different boxes and tagged the stuff with a red sticker for $1, etc. People love to touch stuff. We’ll see about tomorrow.
Photo share…
Here’s another view of the pretty stores in Alexandria, VA
Pretty store fronts

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  1. Yard sales are tricky like that, you sometimes don’t get the kind of people you would like to get! What I’ve noticed is that stuff you didn’t sell in the first yard sale, is the same stuff that sells first in a second yard sale! lol I find is strange that people were looking for clothes, that’s something I’ve never had anyone ask for…it’s usually tools and furniture that folks around here want. xoxo

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