Photo Hunt-Drink


Orangey 4" x 4" Collage card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

This is a collage card I made last year, one of the first 4″ x 4″ ones. I did a woven background and used a ‘drink’ label.
This was my birthday a few years back. It’s the middle of November and I remember it being bitterly cold, like January. We almost had the Mendenhall Inn to ourselves. This was the place my high school had it’s proms back in the day (didn’t go) and always wanted to see it.
Cheers from Dianne!
I’m ‘almost’ a teetotaler, but like a nice Apricot Sour or Martini once in a while. Just had a strong Peach Martini down in Chincoteague on vacation-here it is!
2011-08-17 18.54.38

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