Roasting and Baking


I have some scrumptious Roma tomatoes roasting in not only their juices, but also, olive oil, a bit of garlic plus salt and pepper. Smells really good in here! I plan to freeze some, but also use some with pasta. The Romas (plum) are about twice what we normally get! Glad we moved the garden over!

Then I wanted to use a zucchini, maybe two, but alas, this recipe only called for 1 lousy cup. I am doing good using the zucchini anyway!
Quick to mix up with a base of butter and confectioner’s sugar. Glad I had some parchment paper (forget I did) as they came off of it nicely.

They are a bit crunchy from the cornmeal…not alot of zucchini taste, but good!

We’ve had a rainy weekend down here. We all did a lot of sitting and vegetating yesterday. Today I got my clothes ready for a little trip this week coming up. It took me an hour to decide and I think I need more than a tote bag, but it will do I guess. Brian is the one who has problems packing, like remembering to locate his swim trunks. I was making him try things on which he didn’t like. I like to have one dressy outfit, though not many people dress up to eat out. Shame on them!

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  1. We have some zucchini in the garden so we’ll give the lemon-zucchini cookies a shot. They look and sound good.

  2. Between the tomatoes and the cookies, I can well imagine how good it smelled in the house:-) Our zucchinis are now ready to start using so I’ll be making a couple of batches of my zucchini cookies (recipe is on my cooking blog), they are sooo delish! When I have too many zucchinis to use, I peel them, shred them and freeze in individual baggies (2 cups in each) all ready for any recipe that calls for shredded zucchini:-)

    I don’t think there is any man around that likes to try on clothes! lol You must be so excited for your upcoming trip!!! xoxo

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