Sean got a new Laptop!


I think we sort of solved the issue with the PC. Sean bought himself a new Gateway laptop at Best Buy today! We usually go out on his day off (which I really look forward too). We went to Borders first as they are all closing. Not too impressed by the markdowns. I got a Cape Cod Garden magazine, a famous artist book and a tin of beautiful postcards. We then ate at Chili’s and hit Marshalls (I need to stay out of those stores, but the sales are so good!). I asked if we could stop at Best Buy to see if they had the ‘network’ card for PC and they didn’t. We started to look at laptops and he decided to get a new one as he will be starting school and his is 4 yrs old. It was on a whim. It’s pretty fast. We had to get him hooked up to the wireless and Norton and he was up and running. He has a built in video camera and chatted with a pal in Mexico. It gave him a real boost.

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  1. There is just something about getting a new computer that makes you feel good. I am sure Sean will get tons of use out of it since he’s going back to school. How nice that you two enjoy going out together on his day off work!

  2. Good for Sean!! He’ll love his new laptop and will definitely find it a lot faster than his 4 year old PC! I love my laptop and only use my old PC if I absolutely have to! lol Sometimes it’s those spur of the moment decisions that work out the best:-)

    I miss going out with my boys when they lived at home. Every once in a while we’d go out for lunch and some shopping together. I’m glad that you and Sean have that opportunity to do so! xoxo

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