A fine feathered friend


Yesterday when I was lazying around I was sitting at the dining room table and saw movement in the tree through the window and it was directly in front of me! I saw it was one of the birds we have been hearing and hardly seeing across the street! I think it was a young she (from the bird guide book) and ran to get the camera and add the zoom lens. Here is one of the better captures:

At first I thought it was a Peregrine Falcon, but it is really close to the Cooper’s Hawk! We have a development 1/2 mile down the road called ‘Falcon’s Lair’. But the funny thing is on the way to shopping yesterday, we passed a Lane called ‘Cooper’s Hawk’ in Chadds Ford! Go figure. I guess she was watching the bank and stream for dinner!
It’s really a pleasant day out and I’ve been mostly inside messing with uninstalling and installing software. I finally got the EOS digital to work on my computer, but I didn’t want to load it up with a bunch of software and photos. I guess it’s good to have the camera software, which doesn’t seem to work. I had to go to the control panel and it found the camera and then imported the photos. I would like to take the 460 mbs of photo stuff off if that’s what I have to do everytime.
I have an issue that I hope goes away before our trip since I have to sit a lot. I have had this issue off and on for years. Pain in the…opps! ; )
And here it the Moonflower in bloom. It’s had a few more, but I see Mr. Catepillar nibbled some of them…

It smells nice too! Maybe I will go and take a cushion to enjoy a little of this low humidity day! : )

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  1. How exciting to get a picture of a hawk, that’s something I’ve never managed to do! I don’t know my hawks so I’ll take your word for it that that one is a Cooper’s Hawk! lol

    Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun installing and uninstalling software…NOT! lol Touch wood, I haven’t had any problems with mine lately, let’s hope it stays that way.

    The Moonflower is so pretty and we definitely need a scratch and sniff thingie on here so that I can smell it! lol xoxo

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