The fun continues


(The above video is 25 yrs old-Sean will be 25 in October!)
Longwood Garden hosts a number of popular singers and performers in their outdoor ampitheatre. A few years ago we saw Boz Scaggs. This year we are seeing Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers! A pal from high school said he is really good live, so I decided to get the tickets today. I don’t think there are more than 300 seats, so it’s a small venue. This is after the couple of days at the different beach areas and before Beatlemania. My mom wants to take a daytrip to Atlantic City near her birthday. It’s about 85 or so miles one way for us, but I remember doing it a few times, once when Sean was little. My high school class also has a reunion in Ocean City, NJ either late September or early October. We haven’t been going because of our vehicles, so now since we have more reliable ones, we can hopefully go.
After Beatlemania, I want to have a big yard sale (gotta pay for all these fun things). I haven’t had one for years. I tried the thrift shop, but it isn’t worth driving back and worth there for a few dollars of sales.

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  1. You certainly do have a lot of fun events to look forward to…that’s what summer is all about:-)

    I’d love to go back to Atlantic City one day, I enjoyed it so much when I was there about 10 years ago. It’s funny but the friend I went with, Carol, I haven’t seen in the last few years. She borrowed a few hundred dollars from me and never paid me back (kept giving me checks that bounced, etc) so I decided she was not the friend who I thought she was. So sad.

    I want to take off again for another weekend, must look online to see what’s going on around Niagara Falls:-) xoxo

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