Today I bought the deal to attend this:

I found it through Living Social. They could have fun deals in your area! If I can get three other people to buy the same deal-mine will be free! Wow, that would be nice. I sold a few gold necklaces that I will never wear and have more than enough to go to this for a few days with Brian. We really need it. Carole went to the Elvis event and influenced me greatly to go to this one. I hope it will be cooler near the harbor. It’s about 2 hours from here. I just love taking photos and this will be great. We have several Beatle t-shirts. We should take the Cruiser! : )

Beatles fans the world over Come Together for this Labor Day weekend tribute festival on the banks of National Harbor—and we’ve got you covered with a two-day reserved pass for two people, including one night at the Gaylord National Resort—just minutes from DC and Old Town Alexandria.

Zoey asked how I am liking my Kindle-I enjoy it very much! I’ve only downloaded freebies from Kindle though. I read two books on Kindle and then read two ‘hard copy’ novels as I have so many of them to read! It’s so portable and easy to charge by either plugging it in the wall or computer.

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  1. Woohoo, good for you, I’m so glad you got tickets to go:-) I just know you guys are going to enjoy it and will be rocking in your seats! Such a beautiful venue where they will be holding it, wow!! Your camera will be working overtime for sure! hehe xoxo

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