Black-eyed Susans


Black-eyed Susans, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I guess these are probably classified as wildflowers. I added them to the iris garden as it needs a little life this time of year. I have those Dinner Plate hibiscus in the same bed, so they look like they may bloom too. Unfortunately, the deer like to munch them.
But as my pal Zoey said, things are so wild and droopy this time of year! Some of my flowers did hardly anything-impatiens for one. Too dry for so many of them. And I think the dirt in the fairy garden needs nutrients. I don’t really disturb it that much because I have Lily of the Valley and daffodils there, but I guess a little peat moss and top soil wouldn’t hurt for next year.
I promise to calm down about the car talk. I’m just having so much fun with it. Thank goodness for the internet as I’ve found some nice things for it too.
I may do a little crocheting today-found a book of little amulet bags and if I can ‘master’ them, I may have something to add to my etsy shop which hasn’t gone anywhere lately.
Keep cool!

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  1. Your Black-eyed Susans look nice. Mine are not quite ready to bloom. I think our gardens would look pretty blah this time of the year without rudebeckia, don’t you?

    I have enjoyed your car posts. I think Ina is so elegant looking. I really enjoyed seeing the interior. You have done a great job making her shine!

  2. I just love Black-eyed Susans and although I know I planted some a few years ago, I haven’t seen them in the last couple of years! Either they died or got taken over by other flowers! lol I need to really thin out my lilies, they have tripled in the past year and no doubt that’s where my Black-eyed Susans are.

    Good to hear you’re enjoying your new vehicle so much, hopefully she’ll be as good to you as you are to her:-) xoxo

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