Heirlooms of one kind or another


Brian saw this tomato last night and didn’t think it was ripe! I doubled checked the tag and it’s a heirloom Yellow Brandywine. We had it with our roast beef, smashed red potatoes, peach applesauce and zucchini for dinner. Very meaty!
Today, I decided to sort out more of my craft books (and other books), but first I tidied the books next to Brian’s chair. That man must have every Ford Mustang book ever written as the ones next to the chair were overflows from the bookcase. (Speaking of cars, Bri is really enjoying the PT Cruiser. He checks the tire and put Fit a Flat in it as it has a very slow leak). He’s so happy he found it on the internet for me.
So during my sorting, I found this:
Print of girls with lanterns
Framed Girls with lanterns print
I had ripped it out of an art book, found a pale pink mat mom had bought me and dug in the closet for a frame (with a Jamesway sticker on it, now Big Lots and must be 10 years old). I added the border to two sides of the print as white would show. I think it’s sweet.
Then these floral prints were leaning against my ‘paperbacks/novels basket’ (another job to sort). They use to be over the computer:
Flower prints over the sofa
So we hung them over the sofa!
I found some art items to play around with-Do you remember the ‘Country Diary of the Edwardian Lady’ nature book from the late 70s? I have a little book that teaches you how to draw nature art with colored pencils.

I try and share things of my own on ‘Pinterest’ and here is a bamboo salt box I bought last year at QVC that I love. I fill it with salt and pepper and it’s right next to the stove.
Two tone salt and pepper box
So….I am praying for some rain as many of use are. All the back breaking flower planting seems to be going to pot. So many things are drying up despite our efforts of keeping them watered every single day. The watering that seems to be paying off is with the veggie patch-it looks peppy. Yay.
Hope you all are getting relief from the heat.

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  1. That dinner you made sounds wonderful! I don’t think I have ever had peach applesauce–sounds good.

    I love your salt/pepper holder. I just put my salt in a tiny glass preserve jar–yours is so much more fancy!

    We got a bit of rain yesterday. Every little bit helps. At 4:00pm it was only 70 degrees outside, which felt great. It’s back in the low 80’s today, but that beats the high 90’s from last week.

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