Ina is mine!


Yes, we did purchase ‘Ina’ and brought her home last night. It’s such a fun car and a treat for me! I decided on Ina as she is ‘Inca Gold’ and there is a chef named Ina Garten on the Food Network. I have always liked her, so Ina it is! I just hope people don’t call her the ‘mustard mobile’ or as I read in an article from 2002 (on the web), the ‘line down the road’. It’s a lovely metallic gold. I decided to order a few needed items-like floor mats (the ‘original’ ones were gone), some cleaner that will get rid of the haze on the lights (I hope) and a novelty plate that says ‘PT Cruiser’ on the front. And a little gold PT cruiser on a keychain (thanks to eBay for the last two). : )

The PT Cruiser is and was more than a car, it was a testament to the history of the automobile brought back to life with all the amenities of a modern car with the retro look and styling of a car from the 1930’s. Customizable in almost any way conceivable these cars brought people all over the world together who loved the cars in groups all over the United States….How many modern vehicles are allowed into a classic car show? Only 1 I have ever seen is the PT and people in the car shows flock to them. By Brian Connelly-Facebook group

Sean’s car was owned by a 90 yr old name from the Manhattan area. Apparently ‘Gramps’ backed into a garage and did a number on his back bumper. Sean will probably get an estimate to get it fixed or maybe even replaced. It is in great shape other than that and only 42k miles on the odometer, can’t beat that.
A freaky thing happened last night-Brian decided to look at all the fluid levels under Ina’s hood and when he took off the power steering cap it slipped out of his hand to under the engine someplace. He could not see it and of course I’m not going the duct tape route forever! I called a Chrysler dealership about 45 minutes away and ordered one that will be in tomorrow ($22!). I’m thinking Bri should get it as he’s only 15 minutes away and I hate to go all the way there in this heat. We’ll see. I haven’t seen my mom for a few weeks now and we want to show my brother Sean’s car to see what he says about the bumper. His son may be able to sand it and paint it-he’s really good at that.
That’s my life these past few days-all centered around cars. I pray both cars will be fine as you never know when you buy a used car. Bri felt bad about his car being turned in (we had just paid $400+ for inspection, a fix and a new tire). Sean said he was ready to turn his in. That’s the car that took him back and worth to Penn State and I’ll always remember how glad I was when I heard him set the alarm (it was quite loud) when he came home for a visit. I’m feeling mushy right right.
Dinner is turkey meatloaf with honey bbq sauce and bacon (my own recipe), baby zucchini (bought-mine are not quite ready) and tator tots! Love those tots. : )

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  1. Thanks Zoey-looks like the previous owner took care of her. I told Brian I am never turning her in and he better keep her looking this gorgeous-oh I probably will. ; )

  2. Woohoo, good for you for getting Ina:-) She certainly is a beauty and I just love the shape and style…she’s got a lot of class! Love the colour as well and if anyone calls it “mustard”, just give them a good kick in the shins! lol Enjoy and hopefully she’ll last a long, long time:-)

    I’m leaving in the morning for a 5 day trip…going to the Elvis Festival in Collingwood which is a 4 hour drive from here and I’m so looking forward to it:-) Will “see” you when I get back! xoxo

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