I treated myself


Longwood Gardens Perfume, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

When I walked around Longwood yesterday, I felt so good I decided to treat myself to their custom made perfume called ‘Always in Bloom’. I was pleased to have dropped a few pounds as I wasn’t all hot and tired like I usually am when I go. It is heavy with a Lily of the Valley scent.
Today we went to a car dealership in Delaware as Sean saw a Taurus he liked, so I went along too as they had a car I have loved since the first time I saw it. Sean test drove the car and even though the bumper is a bit scratched up, the mileage was low and he got it for a great price. My nephew is into detailing stuff and is redoing a vintage Ford Falcon, so maybe he can buff out the scratches.
Here he is with his new ride:
Sean and his new 2005 Taurus
I took one look at the 2002 PT Cruiser and went gaga! It’s a metallic gold, white leather seats with gold trim, tinted windows and low mileage! It’s only 4 cylinder, but I don’t drive around that much. Brian would trade in his 2000 Taurus and use the Mariner. : ) It’s called a ‘Dream Cruiser’ and only 7,500 of this series. Do you like it?
PT Cruiser
It’s not set in stone that I am buying it. We have another car payment already, but I really like it. ; )

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  1. Oh, Dianne, you would look great cruising along in the PT! It looks brand new. I hope you get it.

    Congrats on the weight loss. I know it is so hard to do. I think I may have lost a few, too, but I don’t own a scale so can’t be sure. I only get weighed once a year when I go for my physical. That is in Sept. so it will be some time before I know. I can certainly stand to lose a lot more!

  2. Congrats to Sean for having bought himself a “new” car:-) I hope this one doesn’t give him any problems and that he’ll be happy with it. As for the metallic gold PT Cruiser, it’s gorgeous and as Zoey says, I can just picture you driving it:-)

    I bet that perfume smells wonderfully. It feels good to treat ourselves once in a while! Losing weight definitely makes one feel better so continue the great work:-) xoxo

  3. Dianne, my friend Connie drives a Cruiser and really loves it. And one of our previous business cars was a red Cruiser – it was great for hauling computers between offices, and quite economical. 🙂 Enjoy!!

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