Goodbye friend


It is with a heavy heart that I tell you of the passing of my ‘internet’ friend Warren. He passed on June 2nd and I just found out about it today. His wife had left me a message on Facebook to call her and I did within an hour and learned this sad news. And he wasn’t yet 54. He was a big and tall man (I think like 6’7″) and had health problems for years. His blood pressure was very low and he was going to have something done to his ankles (draining?) and he got an infection that went through him. He loved cats and he would ask about Cosmo all the time. I think he found me on because I had posted a photo of Cosmo and he looks like Warren’s cat Boris. He had to tell me and we became pals.

Above is Warren and his ‘newest’ love Susannah.
Besides cats, he loved roses, Disney, Monty Python and opera! He was very smart and witty and cracked me up a lot through his instant messages at times. Here is a 2011 rose:

I asked his wife in a message to keep in touch. I was in a bit of shock when I called to say so then. I bet she will move up to be near her daughter(s?) in Washington state. I mentioned how funny he was and she said he made her laugh everyday. How many people can say that?

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